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A Fun Place to Eat!

We now have two great locations to serve you. To visit our Scrambl’z Alameda website, simply click on the upper right “Take Me To Scrambl’z Alameda” link. To navigate back to Almaden, click on the upper right “Take Me To Scrambl’z Almaden” link. If you have any questions, please call (408) 269-2900 or use our contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Scrambl'z Almaden

We're not your average breakfast restaurant

When it comes to breakfast we do it right – in a fun atmosphere and we're all about serving real food. We prepare everything from scratch. We squeeze our own oranges, make our own pancake batters, bake our own buns and whip our own butter. We cook with trans-fat free oils and purchase only the best coffee beans and grind them ourselves. Whenever possible, we buy from local vendors. Whether you want a gluten-free vegan breakfast or just really good bacon and eggs, Scrambl'z is your place.

Simply Unique

Scrambl'z Almaden

At most other restaurants, you enjoy a comfortable meal with good food, but it's a generic experience. One booth looks like another, the bland paintings on the walls all warm from the same catalog, and the orange juice came from the same factory. It tastes fine, but it's just breakfast. And then there's Scrambl'z. In contrast, Scrmbl'z creates a unique and memorable dining experience from the moment you cross the threshold. The bright, colorful decor, the jubilant chatter of the other guest enjoying themselves, the enticing aromas of your favorite foods being made from scratch. The converted VW bus is in the dining room, the portraits of movie stars, the inspirational plaques, and the unusual times adorning the wall make it feel like you're in someone's home about to share a great meal with a friend. There's nothing generic about this place. This is unmistakably the look and feel we wanted to give Scrambl'z – and from the compliments we continue to get, people love it.

About the Founder, Jim Angelopoulos

Restaurant life is in his blood. In 1979, his parents, Bill and Barbara Angelopoulos, opened The Oak Tree Restaurant in the Almaden Valley area of San Jose, California. For the next 25 years, they operated the business with Jim and his two siblings. Eventually, the lease expired and the property was bulldozed to make way for a new development. At that time, Jim decide to carry on the family legacy and he opened the Scrambl'z Diner in Morgan Hill, California. After Jim's father passed away, the original Scrambl'z was sold and on January 20, 2009, the San Jose Scrambl'z was officially opened a mere half mile from where his parents started it all. Jim dedicates the Scrambl'z to his father Bill. He would have been proud. In fact, if you sit at the counter take a look at the wall. You'll see Jim's Dad watching the action as he always had.

Fundraisers, Catering, Parties and Delivery

Hours of Operation

Enjoy Scrambl'z Every Day of the Week | 7 am - 2pm